Who We Are

    In 1998 with 8 employees, Meric Company began to process 2.000L daily milk in a 200m2 factory. Within a short period, Meric extended its workplace up to 3500m2, employee number up to 60, and daily milk production capacity up to 100.000L.

With the ongoing improvement, Meric Company is mainly focused on Halloumi, Kashar cheese, and Mozzarella production.

Meric Dairy Products Company has diverted 70% of its production to export and has been providing high-quality products to more than 10 countries over 100 cities since 1998. Meric has been successfully marketing its products to international chain markets such as Metro Gross Market. Along with this, the company has been supplying contract manufacturing for many other international brands. Apart from Turkey, clients in other gulf countries have been producing their brands with MERIC’s quality and taste. After the Middle East and Turkey, the company is proud of being the first halloumi exporter to North America and Japan markets.

Since 2018, Meric Dairy Products is awarded a BRC certificate (GRADE A). Meric factories strive to be an eco-friendly company by supplying 75% of their energy from renewable solar energy.


The company has begun its business in Cyprus/Meric village with 200m2 closed field, 8 workers and 2000L daily milk production.


First export to Turkey.


New factory has begun to produce 100,000L daily milk in 3500m2 closed field.


Our products Meric Halloumi, Meric Kashar and Meric Mozzarella started to appear on the shelves of Turkey branches of international supermarket chains like Metro Gross, Real and Carrefour.


We began to produce our clients’ products under private brands.


As a first time in the history of North Cyprus, we have begun to export halloumi to Japan.


2- We were awarded with the ‘PRIZE’ for being the highest dairy product exporter of North Cyprus.


Our ‘Company’s production standard, hygiene standard, and quality have reached to BRC standard with Grade A certificate after a series of audits


We continue to share our delicious and high quality dairy products with all Meric lovers in more than 10 countries and over 100 cities.